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2020 LEAP
Rachel Elledge, BSN, RN |  Jane Weis, MSN, APRN-CNM-High Risk OB |  Bethany Hazel, MSN, RN |  Dr. Tanna Woods, PhD, MSN, RN |  Dr. Mary Nies, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAAHB |  Michelle Blume, MSN, RN
35 Minutes
Audio and Video
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1.  Poster #1, (Elledge):  Becoming a transformative and resilient nurse leader

2.  Poster #2 (Weis & Hazel):  Fostering a healthy college community by nursing students during the pandemic

3.  Poster #3 (Woods & Nies):  Social networks in retirement and assisted living communities: A literature review

4.  Poster #4 (Blume):  Impacting central line associated bloodstream infections



Rachel Elledge, BSN, RN Related seminars and products

Eagle Gate College

Rachel Elledge has been a registered nurse for 14 years. She has worked in various roles as a nurse and in multiple subspecialties within pediatrics. Among her accomplishments, she was selected to speak at a pediatric trauma conference on pediatric neuro emergencies, participated as faculty at a neurosurgical hands-on cadaver course, and was part of a group abstract presentation which was accepted on the prenatal in-utero repair results in the practice she worked for. She has been nominated twice for the excellence in nursing award at hospitals she has worked for. She currently works as a practical nurse instructor at Eagle Gate College, and she is attending the University of Missouri- Kansas City to obtain her DNP specializing in pediatrics.

Jane Weis, MSN, APRN-CNM-High Risk OB Related seminars and products

Northwest Nazarene University

Jane Weis, MSN, CNM, RNC-High Risk OB, 

Assistant Professor for 7 years at Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) in the BSN program.  Certified Nurse Midwife for 6 years in Nampa, Idaho.

Has practiced as a registered nurse for over 40 years.  Board member of Mu Gamma (Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing).  

Nurse planner for Virtual Nurse Educator Conference for 2021 and annual health fairs at NNU.

Bethany Hazel, MSN, RN Related seminars and products

Northwest Nazarene University

Bethany Hazel is an assistant professor at the NNU College of Nursing and serves as the student advisor for the Nursing Student Association.

Additional Info

Course Objectives

Objective 1

Promote primary prevention strategies to the college community by nursing students.

Foster leadership skills and collegiality for nursing students.

Objective 2

Identify the characteristics of a transformational leader

Define what it means to be resilient

Evaluate their ability to become a transformational resilient leader

Objective 3
  1. Identify how social connections are conceptualized in assisted living centers and retirement communities
  2. Understand the make-up of social networks for older adults
  3. Understand how older adults in assisted living and retirement communities perceive life changes and aging
  4. Understand how the physical structure of these environments impacts social networks.

Objective 4

Present an evidence-based practice project that revealed that utilizing an overall process approach for proper line insertion, care and maintenance, and documentation with line rounding allowed the facility to achieve a zero CLABSI rate.



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